Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/09

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Subject: Re: where to get Zone VI Products in Europe
From: Bob Parsons <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 01:04:45 +0100

Martin asked:
>I know that Zone VI sell a kind of filter you can look through by eye (not for
>the camera) to get an impression about the transformation of the colours
>to black and white.
>Where can I get such a filter in Switzerland, Germany, England, ... Europe.


         The type of filter you ask about is known as a Panchromatic
Viewing Filter. They are best described as a dirty brown colour, and
tend to suppress the visual colours in a scene which allows you to judge
the distribution of light and dark elements. The filter is available as a
Kodak Wratten filter number 90. You should be able to order one from any
good photographic shop in Switzerland. The one I have is 75mm square, but
you can get larger ones. The only problem with the Wratten filters is they
are varnished, dyed gelatin, on an acetate base (I think) and are easily
marked. Mount it in a card holder or between two sheets of clear acetate
foil or something similar to protect it.

I've seen adverts for glass or plastic ones which are more robust, but I
can't remember where.

I found that after a few seconds the eye/brain combination is good at
compensating for the effect of the filter so the first one or two seconds
of viewing is what counts.

I bought mine in the UK from Silverprint Ltd, 12 Valentine Place, London
SE1 8QH, Tel. +44 171 620 0844, fax. +44 171 620 0129. It's listed in
their catalog as Kodak Wratten Filter, Mono Viewing 90, 75x75mm, 12.67 UKP.
They will accept orders from abroad, their price list says they have a
minimum order of 25 UKP though :(

Regards,   Bob Parsons