Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/07

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Subject: Re: Model Releases
From: ted grant <75501.3002@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 07 Jul 97 18:39:48 EDT

Donal wrote:

<<They were simply a New Yorker's conception of how weird life is here on the
coast.  He brought his own ideas and forced reality to fit.  Ho-Hum.>>>

Hi Donal,

I posted an answer of this situation to Harrison and if you have a moment have a

I just hate the preconceived concept of photography, unless it's a perfectly
planned piece of art, then it's only using the medium of photography to record
something rather than seeing new and reacting to the motivation.

Your situation isn't unique, as it would have been interesting to ask the
photographer why he shot some of the images which appeared as the New York
concept of California. Or did this happen? And if so what did he respond?

And he probably got paid big bucks to do the shoot and then merely captured the
same old east vision concept of what we west coast folks are all about. :)  A
bunch of fruit cakes! :) Hey with whipped cream it ain't so bad! :)

Victoria, Canada