Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/05

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Subject: Re: Leica R7
From: ted grant <75501.3002@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 05 Jul 97 12:35:38 EDT

Chuck Ward wrote:

<<<I'm thinking of buying this camera (new) and a 35 mm lens (used) for my first
Leica.  I wear eyeglasses.  Any thoughts?  I tried the M6 and
found it fiddly.>>>>>

Hi Chuck,

Good choice and it seems some very good prices about these days due to the R8
coming on line.

You may have a little difficulty with the glasses as I did at the beginning, but
no reason for it to be a problem. 

The R7 is a very fine camera and should serve you well for a long long time as
mine have in a working environment daily.  The meter is very accurate and you
can quickly learn how to bracket using the meter reading pattern, by changing
from spot meter to intregal (centered weighted) on the same scene.

Too bad about the M6, but better to have a camera you feel comfortable with
right at the beginning, than one that you find annoying and ticked off with
because you have to "fiddle too much".

I might add though that the M6 once you get the "feel" is a wonderful machine
due inpart to the internal meter, allowinging you to shoot very quickly and
changing exposures where necessary all the while looking through the viewfinder.

Enjoy that new R7, it will be a motivating tool in your hands! :)

Victoria, Canada