Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/03

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Subject: Re: Customs
From: Dennis Painter <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 21:04:58 -0700 wrote:
>      Hi,
>       I have been buying some Leica cameras from abroad and gotten some
>      questions on the customs by different carriers and countries.


I am no expert but believe this depends on several factors.

1. Whether or not the item is dutiable.  This would depend on what it is
and the country of origin.  Note: country of origin is not from where it
was shipped but where it was manufactured.

2. Whether or not customs wants to mess with the paperwork.  In the case
of items of nominal value, even though dutiable, customs may pass the
item without assesing duty.

3. The carrier.  You had experience with the Postal Service, USP, and
Purolator.  The often charge 'fees' to merely present the item to the
customs authorities and you pay the fee regardless of whether any duty
is levied by customs.

In my opinion everything you paid was fees levied by the carrier, item 3
above.  Though some do not like the mail the Postal Service does not
charge any customs fee and in my opinion items mailed are most likely to
be waved through without assesment of duty.

All the best, Dennis

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