Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/03

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Subject: Re: Leica passport
From: ted grant <75501.3002@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 03 Jul 97 09:31:34 EDT

Carsten wrote:

<<<Talking to people often helps avoiding disappointments, I think.>>>>

Carsten my friend, that is so true in every walk of life and situation.

"Real time Human communication orally"

What I'm becoming frustrated with are the telephone systems of "if you want etc
etc push 2 or "if you want...." push 4.  The mechanical voice with no
intelligence to communicate and the voice mail systems. You leave a message and
cross your fingers someone will call you back sometime in the future.

I realize these systems have become necessary in the business world, however I
avoid them immediately and go directly to the operator and then to a human being
I can talk to.

Problems are discussed, usually with an immediate solution and a great deal of
frustration and mental aggravation are avoided by "talking to someone"!

All the electronic wizardry is wonderful and I sure wouldn't want to be without
it, however when we "talk to someone" we know we are communicating real time and
usually is more satisfying in results.

Neils is a great guy and right on the ball with the Leica world of folks using
the gear and working with it everyday.