Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/05/01

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Subject: Metz flash problem with LEica M6
From: Adi Soon <>
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 03:48:47 -0700


wondering if anyone out there has the same problem I am facing. I own a
Metz 45CL4 hammerhead flashgun. Recently, while using my M6, I found
that the meter was wildly eratic. At ISO 400 in indoor conditions,
normally, the meter would set for abt 1/60 and f/2 thereabouts. However
on this day, it gave me 1/60 and f/16. When, I set the film speed dial
to a slower speed of ISO 50, it meters correctly and normally, only that
for the EV, the film speed set was wrong. I realised then that it wasn't
a problem with the meter since it metered correctly, perhaps the problem
was with the contacts of the film speed dial. They looked fine to me.

Only then however when I started to use the Metz did I see the reason
for the meter inaccuracy, setting f/16 on the auto aperture setting on
the gun, I looked through the viewfinder and saw that both exposure
arrows were up, indicating correct exposure. under those conditions, at
1/50 and f/16, with the meter measuring ambient light, there was
something wrong, and it was the flashgun that did it. 

The meter will work fine after you take out the batteries for a while
and out them back later. I've found also that it was better to remove
them when using the Metz. Will the flash have any long term damage on
the meter?? Has anyone faced the same problem??

- --adisoon