Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/04/27

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Subject: Re: 50mm Summicron's
From: "Don J. Rorschach" <75051.2525@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 27 Apr 97 19:59:50 EDT

It is my recollection Leitz began to give up resolution for contrast to better
fool the eye sometime in the 1960's.  Can't recall whether it was 1968 but all
of a sudden the Leica Photography magazine and Leica literature began to use
side-by-side comparisons to illustrate how lower resolution but higher contrast
lenses would fool the eye.  With a shift toward consumer use of color print film
the smoke and mirrors route was probably the best.  However, the b&w worker was
shortchanged for the reason he or she could add all the required contrast needed
in the print but no amount of wizardry would put detail in the print that was
not on the negative.

We should do some side-by-side comparisons using the old Summicrons versus the
new APO's.  Probably be a waste of time testing against the new non-APO's as I
would expect the old lenses to come out ahead.

If anyone has done such a test, please let us know.