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Subject: Re[2]: M6 Dilemma
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 97 08:04:12 PST

      I agree with you 100%.  I have the same kind of experience with Leica 
     and Nikon.

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Subject: Re: M6 Dilemma
Author: at Internetmail
Date:    4/16/97 6:18 PM

I have to agree with Jim.  But i feel the need to add that I find 
nothing about Nikon lenses to recommend them.  I have tried on numerous 
occasions to like Nikon lenses but I always find the pictures 
uninteresting and flat, wheter it be color or Black & white.  And it is 
true that a lot of Nikon optics may test better (on an optical bench) 
than some of Leica's, I find the results from Leica lenses far more 
pleasing than Nikon.
 Don't get me wrong, I can understand how attractive a Nikon system may
be to someone because of it's versatility and price.  And if you do not 
see a difference then it most probably is not worth the additional 
expense to own Leica.  Or as an acquaintance of mine recently said, He 
could definitely see a difference between Nikon and leica but the 
expense was not worth it, to him.  I do see a difference and therefore 
will continue to use M and R Leicas until I do not see a differnce any 
 But, in closing I still beleive that it is the photographer much more
so than the equipment that s/he chooses.  And if You are satisfied with 
your equipment then go out and take pictures withit and do not worry 
what others think.
That is Just One Man's Opinion
Jim Zietz wrote:
> On the contrary, I have always found Leicas and Nikons to be very
> uncomplementary. Infinity is in the opposite direction and opening the 
> aperture is also opposite.
> This is why I sold all of my Nikon equipment in the late 70's and have 
> never really looked back.
> Jim Zietz
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