Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/11/13

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Subject: Re: Arguments that take on a life of their own
From: (David Young)
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 05:45:41 PST

> There is a phenomenon in newsgroups known as trolling,

> Whether Oddmund is intentionally "trolling" or not I can't tell, and
> would not presume on present evidence to be able to.  
> I heard elsewhere a useful checklist for responding to things that cause
> anger, where one responds only if that response passes three tests; 
> Is it true?
> Is it kind?
> Is it necessary?
> Ultimately, it may well not matter what a controversial poster's
> motives, conscious or otherwise, are. If the discord and arguments that
> follow such posts are felt to be a problem, then self restraint, I
> suggest, is the answer in all cases.
> -- 
> JB   

Many "moderates" have pleaded, both on this list and privately, to those 
who indulge in these flame wars for restraint.    But nobody has said it more 
eloquently than you.  I hope *all* LugNuts take your message to heart!

Simply press the DELETE/TRASH key when you see something you don't like, guys. 
Flame wars eventually die out, but they are never resolved and benefit nobody. 
As well, they cause participants, and non-participants alike to leave the LUG 
'cause of the high traffic levels and poor signal to noise ratios! And we all 
lose their expertise and input.

If everyone follows Joe's 3 rules, we'll all be better off!

Like the ad says...  Just Do It!

David Young
Victoria, B.C. CANADA