Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/02/25

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Subject: Tele-Elmar Focusing,etc.
From: (Andrew S Jordan)
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 22:10:44 +0000

    There has been a lot of discussion about the Tele-Elmar 135/f4 by 
LUGgers.I concur that this is a superb lens. However, the M4/5/6 provide 
inadequate framing in the finder.Consequently, I use a 135mm Leitz finder to 
frame the picture. This is especially needed for pictures with vertical 
lines.Alternatively, I attach the lenshead to a Visoflex focusing mount(16464)
and connect via the Viso-Reflex adapter{14167) to an R body. Then, of course 
framing is perfect! The focusing accuracy of the M and R cameras is about the 
same at a focal length of 135mm. (See,Gunther Osterloh,"Leica M",Umschau 
     Whether one likes it or not rangefinder and reflex cameras must coexist 
to satisfy a broad range of photographic applications, consistent not only 
with practical considerations but also with the laws of optics. Clearly, 
beginning with The Visoflex I, Leitz has promoted the complementary use of 
both focusing systems.It is regrettable that the latest versions of the 90 and
135mm rangefinder lenses do not separate to lenshead and focusing mount in 
order to permit dual use on both the M and R cameras.
      While most LUGgers eagerly await the "M7" and dream about the nearly un-
obtainable M6J,I do not see that the 35-135 framing option is superior to the 
current 28-135mm choice. After all the rangefinder system is ideal for 
focusing wide-angle lenses.Also it is very convenient to work without a 
separate 28mm finder.
      One clear improvement in the "M7" over the M6 I would like to see is the
incorporation of averaging in addition to spot metering. Note that the 
spotsize in the M6 is 12mm which is significantly larger than the one in the  
M5(8.5mm).An LED readout of at least the selected f-stop or shutterspeed would
also be handy. Otherwise LET US LEAVE the M6 in itss essentially mechanical  
form.Disappointed Leicaphiles should acquire the electronically superior and 
probably optically equal Contax G2.
       A final comment: in comparing the CL and the Minolta CLE one should be
aware that to accommodate the 28mm frameline, the 90mm frame is minuscule in 
the CLE and thus for portraiture with a 90mm lens, the CL is more suitable 
than the CLE.                   

                  Andrew Jordan