Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/02/02

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Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 22:27:02 +0800

A few years back I picked up an old 8x10 retouching easel.  It is an
inclined, white-glass stage with a reflecting board.  It uses daylight as
its source.  You sit it facing a window and place your slides on the stage.
It shouldn't be too hard to make one for someone  handy with tools.


>>2). has anyone built a light box or have plans for a simple one? I havent a
>>clue how much a real one costs, but I'll bet I could put one together with
>>a few supplies from HQ.
>I threw a piece of plex on an upside down florescent two-tube light fixture
>many years back and lots of space and cheap.
>The light intensity and color balance will not be "correct."  For that you
>will have to spend a bit on a good box.  One option is the big cheapy above
>and get a small calibrated box (even down to 4x5) to do final analysis.
>One interesting thing is that ever once in a while I'll run into the lab on a
>sunny day, look at snips on their light table for evaluation, order a bit of a
>push, and then wonder why the final images are too light.  Now I wait for
>my eye to adjust  to the lower light before I evaluate.
>Donal Philby
>San Diego