Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/01/11

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Subject: Re: Leica ain't perfect...
From: "C.M. Fortunko" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 09:46:04 -0700


When I bought my M6, I was told that it would not work with the DR
Summicron, because of some interference problem. I find this not to be the
case. The number of my camera is 19... I have an early DR Summicron, 157...

I was also told that there were problems with the early light meter
circuits. I did not know that Leica would cure them at no charge.

Best of Light,


At 09:05 AM 1/11/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>I don't condemn the M6 at all. I love mine. And I hope we're not getting 
>>carried away with cataloging our woes. I've had them with other cameras 
>>too. I bought a Nikon N90s last year. It seized up half a dozen frames 
>>into the first test roll and was deader than a doornail.  My dealer 
>>quickly replaced it with another one for me, and it's given me little 
>>Someone else on the list correctly noted that electronics are prone to 
>>fail, if they are going to, right off the bat. The Nikon list has been 
>>buzzing for weeks with stories of high battery consumption on the new F5. 
>>But experts poo-poo much of that talk as exaggerated.
>>I have been told that the early M6 did have some electronics troubles, 
>>however. Is that so, Marc? A friend of mine recently had to have the 
>>electronics replaced on an early M6 he just picked up at a show. (The 
>>dealer split the cost with him.) My M6 was more recent vintage.
> I bought an early M6 and had to have the electronics replaced which Leica
>did under warranty.  Another interesting thingg about that camera is that
>when the DR Summicron was on it the rear of the lens would hit the photo
>diode that read the light off the shutter curtain.  Leica milled it down so
>the lens would work properly at no charge.  After the electronics were
>replaced later they also replaced the diode with a slightly smaller version.
>Bill Grimwood