Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/01/11

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Subject: Something's Really Wrong...
From: "David W. Almy" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 07:54:00 -0500


Of course, if you talk to a doctor, EVERYBODY's sick. But I digress...

True story: Bought a new 35 1.4 ASPH delivered 12/24/96. Looked fine at 
first glance. Shot five rolls OK.

Last night, preparing for a large project which starts Monday, closely 
inspected lens. There is a huge piece of lint dead center of the lens just 
behind the aperture blades, INSIDE THE LENS!! Also a smaller spec, 
seemingly on the same surface, off to the side. Cripes!!

Anyone have any suggestions where I should FedEx this to Tuesday AM to have 
the dust removed - rapidly and reliably? NJ? Cost is not a concern, quality 

On the heels of my M6 purchase, also delivered on Christmas Eve with a 
broken LED/meter (and my best guess as to what was really wrong with the M6 
owned by the guy shooting in the dark disco) that was returned to the 
dealer after a single day, something may be really wrong in Solms after 
all. Sad, eh? Or is it just me?


David W. Almy