Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/01/03

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Subject: Re: most durable camera
From: Mark Bergman <>
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 22:30:31 -0800 wrote:
>      Hi Bob,
>        When it comes to durability in SLR world, Leicaflex SL and SL2 come
>      first in my mind.  As a long-time user collector of Leica M and R and
>      user of Nikon F2, I have never seen any incident of problems on SL or
>      SL2.  In my book, SL and SL2 are the most durable bodies built just
>      like a real military tank.  I have seen lots of favorable statements
>      regarding Nikon F2 durability too.  In the past I have read tons of
>      stories on SL and SL2 that had survived from exploded helicopter where
>      the pilot died and in various other very clement situations.  One of
>      the many things I really like about SL and SL2 over F2 is shutter
>      silkiness.  This could be prejudiced but is so clear at least to me.
>      I also have R4, R4S and R6 that could not be compared with SL or SL2.
>         Regards,
>         David
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> Subject: most durable camera
> Author: at Internetmail
> Date:    1/3/97 2:42 PM
> In my quest for a camera I have first chosen Leica M.
> Maybe I should ask some follow up questions, as it sounds like a lot of y'all
> shoot SLR's as well: Is the M the most rugged and durable? I have been
> reading a lot about Nikon F cameras that suggest they might be. Also,
> My local Leica dealer has a VERY good deal right now on the R7. How is
> that one for durability? As a side issue, which models (regardless of
> brand) tend to be easiest to disassemble/assemble for repair (maybe done
> by the owner rater than the repair shop)?
> Thanks,
> Bob
I have never used anything Leica except the rangefinder equipment. 
However I have been sorely tempted by the R6.  May I have some opinions
please.  Also what is the difference between the R6 and R6.2 ?