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Subject: Re: Wow
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 15:23:15 -0500

You can remove the arm on the visoflex which goes over the shutter release
and replace if with on fabricated to fit both. Several years ago, LHSA in I
think 2 different articles addressed this for a CL. I think there were 2
differnet Visos used and 1 on the articles may have been w/ a CLE. I can't
remember just now, and I no longer have the older publications. I use a Viso
II screwmount with adaptor to the CL and M mount for lens. I have been just
lifting the little arm out of the way, setting up the shot, make the reading
and thereafter using the little lever to lift the mirror and then a calbe to
release the shutter. Some day, I'll probably have to get a dual cable
release. I remember from the articles, it would not be too hard to make the
replacement arm from soft metal and it doesn't have to be beautiful. I think
it used a srew/nut arrangement to set the arm/shutter release similar to the
Viso II.

I do like the Viso for Macro work. I have the right angle finder, but would
like to get a chimney since I tend to shoot closer to the ground. 

At 01:12 AM 11/27/96 +1000, you wrote:
>Well I have just ploughed through the last series of digests having been a
>bit too work orientated for the last 2 weeks. I thought the ideals of La
>Belle France and the US of A were a bit closer than that. It just shows how
>superficial civilization is; it wasn't too long ago that Torvill and Dean
>danced in the winter olympics in Sarajevo. Still it makes for a good
>education, and I must try to learn how to use Eudora filters. In order not
>to be flamed I'd better mention that I have been doing a little macro work
>lately with the Visoflex coupled to the CLE. The light metering seems to
>work fast enough to make the reading once I raise the mirror and I'd be
>sure to muck up the exposure if I used the M3. If the shots continue to
>work well, I'll have to investigate a linkage for the release bar on the
>Visoflex as the twin cable release is a bit too clumsy. Does anyone have
>experience or suggestions on this combination?
>[PS; I have not gone out on the financial limb to buy the Noctilux and what
>was hopefully a good decision did have roots in the comments of this group.
>Not quite enough 'love' mail to push me in. Particular thanks to Erwin Puts
>for his post. God knows who is left on this list after the 'ravages' of
Brian Levy, J.D.
Agincourt Ont.