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Subject: Re: Non-Polarising Summitar Polariser?
From: (Ken Wilcox)
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 11:41:07 -0400

I have an A36 polarizer with the same faded out problem. Since I bought it
i have seen others in the same condition.


>I wonder if anyone of you can unravel a small mystery for me.
>I just bought,via mail order ( a necessity from here), a polarising
>filter for a 50mm summitar from a dealer in London.  The filter arrived
>in a beautiful little Leitz leather purse and showed great promise on
>first sight.  It has some signs of fungus growth around the very edge
>which I presume is in the middle of the sandwich of glass, but what is
>most bizarre is it doesn't appear to have any polarising effect!
>Now either I'm going blind or its simply lost its ability polarise - is
>this possible?
>At certain angles to the light faint parallel lines are just visible, so
>I'm fairly sure it is polarising glass and hasn't been swapped.  I know
>the shop and they are very reputable.  I will send it back and wait for
>another to appear, but would be grateful for any explanation of this
>Nick Jackson
>Kuala Lumpur

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