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Subject: Re: Hmm Great new question - AGE
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 96 17:54:04

>>New question for the group.
>>Just how old are we? It is understandable that possibly the average age o
>>Leica user or collector is somewhat older than say the Nikon, etc. user f
>>it takes a higher income or greater assets to acquire a $2,000.00 lens th
>>a $200.00 lens.
>>I don't think of myself as old, stodgy, well heeled or grouchy. At 48, I'
>>just hitting my stride. My 9 year old son does agree with your statement,
>>though and thinks that in the interest of estate planning, I should turn
>>over my Leica system to him NOW. If I do, does that make him old, stodgy,
>>well heeled and grouchy.
>>Brian Levy, J.D.
>>Toronto, Ont.

I think how old we were when starting to use Leica is more significant
than how old we are today.  I seem to recall buying my first Leica at the
age of 20, used of course, but still a very capable camera, a good
replacement for my Argus at that time.  A financial reach at the time, but
well worth it.

Best regards,

Experience is a tough teacher. It gives the test before the lesson.

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