Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/10/03

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Subject: Re: r drives vs winders
From: (John Irvin Buford)
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1996 19:37:34 -0700

would power the camer if the batteries in the canmera failed.  Well 
that is not true for the R7.  But, it is true for the R4 and R5, and I 
think that it is true for the R6 as well.  I like both the winder and 
motor.  I have rather large hands, and on the R4 and R5 I use the 
winder because I like the way it makes the camera feel.   I also have 
the motor and it is bigger, heavier, faster and louder.  If you do not 
need the speed the winder is fine.  I do not care for the old style 
hand grip, but,the newer electronic one is very nice indeed.

    And now for a cmpletely different subject.  I own and use 3 R4 
bodies and I have never had the problems that many people complain 
about.  Now, I like my R5 and R7 better than the 4 but only because 
they both have more features.  BUt, I do not think so highly of them 
that I would give up the R4 with out a fight, unless of coures I hit 
the lottery;)