Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/10/01

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To: "Leica Users Group" <>
Subject: Re: Minilux
From: Godfrey DiGiorgi <>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 96 08:39:20 -0700

>It has its limitations but I don't finds them a huge problem. It won't
>take filters or hoods and you can't do accurate manual focusing.

The inability to use filters or a lenshood is the most serious limitation
for B&W photography of all modern P&S cameras. This is one reason why 
I switched to using my Rollei 35s more often... I love B&W and I need
to use an Orange or Green filter much of the time. 

Scale focusing takes a certain amount of practice and a reliance upon
using depth of field properly. I've gotten reasonably good at it now
after a lot of practice (Rollei 35s are scale focus only). 

I don't know whether this trick is possible 
with the Minilux because I forget what readouts the camera has available.
On the Nikon 35Ti when you are confronted with a subject that would 
confuse the automation, you could use the auto-focus' prefocus capability
to measure the distance on a similarly distant reliable target, read 
that off the scale then set the focus manual and take your exposure.
The controls to do this are a trifly fiddly but it really worked well
for me.


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