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Subject: More newby questions
From: "joe b." <>
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 03:26:43 +0100

In article <>, David Morton
<> writes
>> The man in the shop may have been telling you what is euphemistically
>> called a porkie. Maybe he thought he could get you to spend more...
>[FX: slaps forehead] yes of course, I'd just come from a client so I had 
>the pinstripes on, produces a different reaction to the usual leather 
>jacket & 501s :-)

It's something I've noticed a few times. Inquiring about Leica, even
when its about using non-Leica lenses on a Leica, identifies you as
someone who probably has some money to spend, whether that is accurate
or not. Then add the magic ingredient of being someone who doesn't
appear to know much about the subject yet! In my own experience in the
UK, established (and in most cases authorised) Leica dealers will tend
to be be more honourable and try to tell you the truth as they know they
may get a lifelong customer that way. Or at least that is their
intention- how well they carry that out can vary considerably.
BTW I would recommend Ffordes unreservedly for any Leica equipment,
although they don't make a song and dance about it and can be quite busy
sometimes. I think Leica at Classic Collection is also pretty much a
good and reliable dealer, but the person to talk to is Andrew, not the
other people who work in the rest of the shop.
joe b.

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