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Subject: Re: Adapter 42mm to Leica R bajonet
From: Willem-Jan Markerink <w.j.markerink@a1.NL>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 21:00:44 +0000
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Priority: normal

On 19 Sep 96 at 13:41, Henk Thijs wrote:

> By accident, a colleague, making room for other stuff, offered me a 1000mm
> Russian mirrorlense, incl. two old -42mm- Paktica's, for 70 US Dollar. So I
> could not resist, and now I am wondering if there is a possibilty to use this
> one on a Leica R3 or R4. And if so, where could I find such a tool.
> Thanks in advance,    cheers   Henk

I believe there is indeed a (rather expensive) M42->Leica adaptor.
If you check my homepage for an overview of camera registers (film to 
flange distance), you can see that there is very little play between 
these two systems:
The same applies to Nikon btw.

However, these Russian mirrors (I have a recent 1000mm and an old 
1100mm) have quite some slop beyond infinity, so any compact adaptor 
should be okay.

Brenner Foto und Video in Weiden, Germany, sells these adaptors for 
sure. Grab a German mag for a phone number.


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