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Subject: Re: Seriously low Russian lens quality?
From: Willem-Jan Markerink <w.j.markerink@a1.NL>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 1996 13:25:02 +0000
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On  4 Sep 96 at 22:06, Marc James Small wrote:

> I believe most Soviet Leica fakes are from decades ago -- I don't believe
> there are many folks making them today, if any.  Almost all of these are
> based on the early FED bodies, bodies which have been out of production
> since 1958 or so.

I you mean *produced* decades ago, instead of designed, I think you
are mistaken. 
I regularly visit a flea market nearby, and every few months I am
surprised to find another modification. Latest gag is a wood plated
'Leica', and I believe I've also seen a blue one. Snakeskin, shiny
brass/copper, chrome, Swastika'ed 'Bildnachrichter', you name it.
Will have to study lens serial numbers, but I am pretty sure there
is a factory somewhere in (Bela)Russia or the Ukrain, spinning wildly
and spitting out heaps of copy's. They are sold by Polish people
btw, the same that in my case are unable to track down the Russar. 

I also found a blue painted FT-2 panorama camera....still not sure 
what to think about that one....the original was a muddy black/brown, 
yet the paint was rather professional. Also a single lever wind, 
instead of the symmetrical dual lever wind. 


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Replied:  5 Sep 96 06:38