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Subject: Re: Re: Leica-Users List Digest V1 #160
From: (John McLeod)
Date: 19 Aug 1996 15:51:26 GMT
Organization: Designlink Online Services

Other than its Minolta origins, I am curious to know what it is about the
current Leica R system body that many in the photo community regard as a cut,
or two, below the best (e.g. less rugged).

My first camera was a Minolta SRT-101, which I liked very much.  Next was a
Nikkormat, the most rugged, indestructible piece of photo gear I have ever
owned (the 85mm/1.8 Nikon lens that I used as a primary lens was one of the
sharpest lenses I have ever seen).  Next came two Nikon F2 Photomics --
trouble with the meters, but the best feeling, albeit heavy, 35mm camera in
my hands.  Next came a Nikon FE, brother of the acclaimed FM.  In terms of
construction, this camera was several cuts below older Nikons -- very light
and compact, but subject to a variety of electronic problems.

In the early years of autofocus, I purchased a Leica R6 and an M6.  I have
always loved the feel of the R camera, probably because I grew up with SLRs. 
The R cameras work beautifully, feel good in the hands, are very quiet, and
while simple to use, provide more information through the viewfinder than
M's.  Even I can tell, however, that the R's are not quite on a par
mechanically with the current M6.

I also own a Canon EOS-1n.  While the Canon is an incredible picture-taking
machine and the Leica M is compact and jewel-like in its operation, I would
have more trouble parting with the R6 than any camera I own.  I enjoy the
feel of the camera, its balance between simplicity and features, and the
quiet, yet solid, sound of its shutter.  I realize few will agree with the
above, but it forward nonetheless as conclusions from my own experience.

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