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Subject: Re: Leotax and Nicca Correction
From: Cameras <>
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 1996 17:42:23 -0700
References: <>

Thomas Pindelski wrote:
> Stephen Gandy wrote:
> "The great thing about the later Niccas and Leotax is that they are SO EASY
> to
> use compared to the IIIF.  The Leotax has one feature the Nicca doesn't,  a
> built
> in lever rewind into what at first appears to be a standard rewind knob.
>   Their lever
> advance is fast and easy, and the back door M3 like loading is a blessing.
>  Finish
> quality is slightly, but only slightly, below Leica.  Production of these
> cameras was
> less than 5,000 each.  A mint minus example body should sell for at least
> $1,500 if
> they know what they have."
> Stephen - can you help with model numbers, especially for the Leotax with
> the lever rewind and back door?
> Thank you.

Refer to the books 300 Leica Copies by Pont & Princelle, and Leica Copies by HPR.  The 
Nicca is the 5L.  The 3F is the same thing but no backdoor.  Finder essentially like the 
Leica IIIF.

Alas, although I have owned both cameras, my memory was in error on the Leotax. The 
finder is improved over the IIIF in that the RF/VF are combined and you have a 
brightline 50.  These DO NOT have the M3 backdoor like the Nicca.   Models TV, T2, K3, 
FV, TV2, and T2L--all essentially the same camera with minor variations.

I owned both the Nicca 5L and the Leotax TV at the same time.  I opted to keep the Nicca 
and sell the Leotax due to the Nicca's back door loading.

Stephen Gandy

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