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Subject: Re: Leotax, Nicca
From: Cameras <>
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 1996 10:47:16 -0700
References: <>

Thomas Pindelski wrote:
> Someone posted an interesting mail on these a couple of days ago, comparing
> their quality to Leica screw mounts.  Coul you please repost this and
> comment on how the viewfinders compare to those in contemporary screw mount
> Leicas? Or, if you would like to avoid list clutter, please email me direct.
> Thank you.

I wrote:

The best classic small body screw mount body I have seen is the outstanding later Niccas
and Leotax with Lever advance and backdoor loading like the M3's.  Very easy and
convenient cameras to use.   Their ease of use overcomes the IIIg's better finder to me.
 Great cameras, but very rare.  Check out the Leica Copy books to get info on them.
Dechert wrote that he liked the later knob wind Canons over the IIIg.  I sure don't.
The IIIG has a much better finder as far as I am concerned.

The viewfinders of the Leotax and Nicca models I am referring to are virtually idential 
to the Leica IIIF.  The IIIG has the best finder of any "classic" small body Leica/Leica 
copy with parralax corrected 50 & 90 frames.   The Canon 7/7s has the best finder of any 
Leica screw mount with built in parralax finders for 35/50/85/105/135.

The great thing about the later Niccas and Leotax is that they are SO EASY to use 
compared to the IIIF.  The Leotax has one feature the Nicca doesn't,  a built in lever 
rewind into what at first appears to be a standard rewind knob.   Their lever advance is 
fast and easy, and the back door M3 like loading is a blessing.  Finish quality is 
slightly, but only slightly, below Leica.  Production of these cameras was less than 
5,000 each.  A mint minus example body should sell for at least $1,500 if they know what 
they have.    

Having copied the Leica shutter, an example in good condition should prove to be very 

Stephen Gandy

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