Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/07/25

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Subject: Re: bi-focals
From: (D Khong)
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 06:30:12 +0800

 you wrote:

>>As your comments would relate the G-1 to the M6, I see no reason why 
>they can't be here. I would hope that our parochial attitude toward 
>Leica wouldn't preclude our hearing about the loyal opposition.
>>Roger Beamon,  Naturalist & Photographer
>Agreed, I suppose there are enough of us in the "over the hill gang" 
>who use bifocals and need whatever help and product information we can 
>get. That does not make us "disloyal Leica-ites" ... merely interested 
>in the competition. What the competition (or Leica) does this year, is 
>likely to be on the general market in a year or so.
>Glenn Thrall

Without initial exposure to the G1 when it was first launched, I would not
have been a leica user.  My friend loaned me his G1 with 28, 45 and 90mm
lenses.  After using the camera for a few days, I was disappointed with the
noisy and slow AF and also that I did not get any satisfaction from
focussing since nothing snaps into focus in the viewfinder.  He then
introduce me to an old leica M6 which I was immediately pleased with - quiet
shutter, sparkling beautiful pictures and a camera which handled well.  The
love affair still goes on...

Dan Khong