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Subject: Re: Looking for an M-4P and Summicron.
From: Michael Reichmann <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 21:33:29 -0400

At 12:58 AM 18/07/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I own a mid-production 1.4/35 and find it superb -- no flare whatsoever,
>even when I was shooting snow fields at high noon into the sun on slide
>film.  I always use the 12504 hood and a Leitz Serie VII UVa filter.  Yes,
>at 1.4 it IS a bit softer than any of the several 35mm Summicrons I've owned
>were at f/2.0 -- but the additional stop is one I'll cheerfully pay for in
>slightly reduced edge sharpness.

I've been using a 35mm Summulix for about a year and find that from f/4.0
downward it is quite comparable to the Summicron.  At f/2 ~ f/4 it isn't
quite as good, but still more than acceptable.  Naturally, the reason to own
it is the f/1.4 speed which when you need it is soft, but has an interesting
quality of its own.  The talk about it being the poorest Leica lens is, in
my opinion, from those that are parrotting what they've heard from others or
who unfortunately have a sub-par sample.

My issue with the ASPH version, besides the price, is the bulk.  The
Summilux is delightfully small and light.


Replied: 18 Jul 96 21:32

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