Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/07/01

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Subject: Re: Looking for Leica service recommendations
From: (C.M. Fortunko)
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 18:38:03 -0600


I did not even think about spare parts, but you make a very good point.

Also, what about the two cams needed by the SL/SL2 cameras. Are all new
lenses going to support only the R cameras?

Planned obsolescence was never a Leica policy. Quite the contrary.


>I, too, am disturbed, like Chris. I, also, do not own screw lenses, but it
>makes you wonder what they will do years down the road when today's bayonet
>lenses are passé.
>I intend writing them and explaining that if, indeed, this is true, then I
>will not patronize Leica Service at all. Their policy re: screw mount lenses
>could backfire to the extent that they lose *all* of their service business,
>not just screw mount.
>I'd like to hear some more input on this. Is Leica Service willing to give
>up all their business to the DAG's, Focal Point's, Sherry Kräuter's et al.?
>If so, they've taken the first step. Of course, we're not even addressing
>the issue of spare parts.
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