Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/07/01

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Subject: Re: Looking for Leica service recommendations
From: (C.M. Fortunko)
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 12:36:43 -0600


I am deeply disturbed by this news. Although I do not own a screw-mount
camera, I am a regular user of both the 65mm Elmar-V and 200mm Telyt-V. Both
are great lenses and I am sure that so are other screw-mount lenses. 

If Leica continues on this course, they will be no different than Cannon,
Nikon, and others. 

I don't mind not having specials. That is a justified business decision.
However, not supporting screw-mount equipment is tantamount to a break with
tradition. This is very bad. If fixing screw-mount gear does not pay, then
change the fee structure.

Anyway, Ernst Hartmann from Leica NJ told me a similar story recently.

Best regards to all.

Pax et Looks


>I called the Leica service people (the *correct* number is 800-222-0118) and
>was informed that there will be no specials this year (!). Furthermore, I was
>told that they will no longer service screw-mount lenses (cleaning, etc.). I
>was surprised cuz last summer they serviced a 1960 vintage 200 Telyt-V for me
>as part of last year's CLA special. Oh well...
>Corey Levenson