Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/06/05

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Subject: re: minilux
From: Godfrey DiGiorgi <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 08:14:08 -0700

I had the pleasure of borrowing one each of a Contax T2, Nikon 35Ti and 
Leica Minilux about a year ago now, specifically to run a short test roll
in each and decide which I liked more. 

In sum, I liked the Minilux second of the three. Lens quality on all three
was virtually indistinguishable, and equivalent to the lenses on my Leica M
or Nikon SLR in casual inspection. The Minilux controls were very nice, the
override selections were well thought out. It was a tough choice between 
it and the Nikon. The Nikon was a little smaller, had a little better 
information readout, had a couple of superior features (the integrated date/
time stamping is very nice) but has controls which are more fiddly, particularly
for setting up the options. The Contax T2 would have been the choice if I 
intended to use the aperture priority exposure system primarily but a good 
part of my reasons for wanting a camera of this type is "professional quality
results, 90% of the time full automatic-program". I found the Contax controls
a little too small for my fingers, it has a wonderful assisted manual focus 

The evaluation was performed after the fact: I had purchased a Nikon 35Ti 
the a year or so previously. It just vindicated to me that I chose the right
camera for my needs. I've been happy with the Nikon; I would also be happy 
with a Minilux if it proved to be reliable. That part I could not test, of
course, in the course of a couple of days.