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Subject: Re: 100mm/2.8 R APO Macro question
From: (Roger L. Beamon)
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 18:23:00 -0700 (MST)

>One additional comment.  Essentially, you are looking at a trade off.  On
the positive side, if you use the 2X 
>extender, additional lens to subject distance will be gained - although
such distance may not be needed in 
>many applications.  On the negative side, two f-stops will be lost.  Since
the lens will most likely be closed 
>down to around f22 at 1:1, such a light loss may present a significant
handicap.  This depends, of course, upon 
>whether natural (my preference) or artificial light is employed.
>Bill Christensen

Good points, Bill. My preference is always natural light whenever possible.
Do I correctly infer that the ELPRO allows focusing between the 1:2 and
1.1:1 magnification ratios and that the maximum aperture of 2.8 still holds? 

I'm new to Leica and macro lenses. My micro and macro work was done years
ago with Nikon F and extension tubes necessitating all the exposure
calculations etc. Though difficult by today's standards, I knew, then, how
to work within the scope of that equipment. This is actually much easier,
but, alas, I am much older!
       Roger Beamon,  Natural History Interpreter & Photographer
                                 Docent: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

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