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Subject: Re: M6 and G1
From: (D Khong)
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 07:31:16 +0800

At 11:06 AM 4/11/96 +0100, you wrote:
>Several people have contributed to this group, speculating as to whether the
>secondhand values of M6s will rise or fall. My view, for what it's worth, is
>that the M6 may well be the last of the all-mechanical Leica rangefinders and,
>as such, could be the one that collectors one day (I mean several years hence)
>will covet.
>Looking at the sales success of the Contax G1 (which I detest, having made the
>mistake of owning one, albeit briefly, when they first came out) I think that
>Leica will be tempted to build something which moves some way towards that spec
>and construction method. It will probably sell well, but purists will hate it.
>Anyone hear any rumours which prove/disprove this hypothesis?

Leica is probably under pressure to move with the times.  Only time will
tell whether the M6 is the last of purist's camera.  If it is, I think the
value will definitely appreciate.  People tend to chase after things that
are no longer available.

I was loaned a G1 before I bought the M6.  Despite all the useful bells and
whistles, I find no satisfaction in focussing the G1 as the image does not
snap into focus unlike the AF slrs or the M6.  The G1 is a glorified P&S
camera with interchangeable lenses.  This is an unbiased observation at that
point in time because I did not plan on owning a leica when I was first
exposed to the G1.  After using the M6, I would not look back on the G1.

All said I believe a mechanical camera will always have an inherent value.. 

Dan Khong

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