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Subject: Re: 75mm 1.4 aspheric?...Now 21mm Aspheric??
From: "joe b." <>
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 1996 17:34:07 +0100

In message <>, Wolfgang
Sachse <> writes
>       Hi Group -
>       I'm confused. Eric writes "...the next one is going to be
>       a 21 Elmarit..." and then he describes the characteristics
>       of this lens. Am I reading this right? Is there a 21mm
>       Aspheric Elmarit now available? Or does the "... Everyone
>       I've talked to who has one loves it..." refer to the non-
>       aspheric design which is in the current Leica catalog?

(\/ Explanatory commentary follows;)

>> I doubt the 75 is the next aspheric for the Leica M. 

>I heard the next 
>> one is going to be a 21 Elmarit. 

(/\ Next aspheric will be 21mm Elmarit)

>And don't worry, the lens is extremely 
>> good. Everyone I've talked to who has one loves it. Those who don't cite 
>> it's weight and size, not performance....

(/\ Refers to 75mm again).

>       I'm a Leica novice but I thought that the 21mm/f2.8 Elmarit-M
>       (Part No. 11 134) was NOT an aspheric design. 

(/\ It isn't).

>Is there another
>       version - now available - which is?

(/\ Soon, apparently. See above.)

I hope that clears it up!
joe b.

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