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Subject: Re: Update on M-Cameras and glasses....
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 96 19:54:57 EST

>	Anybody know if Leica makes a rubber eyepiece for the
>	M6 viewfinder? (Shall we call it the `viewfiender'?)
>	That would solve the scratched glasses problem but make
>	the viewing even worse.
>	I think that the only real solution is contact lenses.
>	Can you believe it, a US$2.8K camera requires that you
>	have good vision or be fitted with contacts (if you want
>	to use wide-angle lenses)?

My solution is to put a layer of silicone glue onto the finder ring. It
stays for quite a while, but you have to be very careful not to let the stuff
get onto the eyepiece. I used a syringe type applicator.
This is a problem unique to rangefinders. If Leica were to fix it by 
further reducing the magnification of the RF to give glass wearers relief,
the non-glasswearers will start to complain the magnifications being to small.
Also, if the magnification were to be reduced, they might be tempted to 
add a 21mm frameline. And guess what? The glasswearers will start having 
the problem again, with the 21mm.


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