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Subject: Re: Update on M-Cameras and glasses....
From: Wolfgang Sachse <>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 16:27:26 -0500 (EST)

> -- [ From: Jack Hamilton * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --
<snip> ...

> By the way, I just got new glasses...and I got thinner frames... and
> plastic lenses...and "blended bifocals" that I can actually see the
> 28mm finder on an m-6!!! This time I got the glasses to go along with my
> camera usuage...instead of the other way around. SO... M-users...get your
> cameras...and then take them with you when you get fit for new glasses and
> frames...there is NO REASON you should have problems.  Many optometrists
> and ophthalmologists are Leica owners and users they CAN BE

	Whoa! Not so fast! (Jack are you working for Seiko?)

	I got exactly the kind of glasses prescribed by Jack.
	They are quite nice, but be careful, after 9 months of
	M6 viewing, the right (plastic) lens is scratched like
	crazy. Also, new glasses are not a panacea for a lousy
	M6 viewfinder. Better yes, but it doesn't come close
	to the high eyepoint (I believe that's what it's called)
	viewfinder that is part of my Nikon SLR.

	Anybody know if Leica makes a rubber eyepiece for the
	M6 viewfinder? (Shall we call it the `viewfiender'?)
	That would solve the scratched glasses problem but make
	the viewing even worse.

	I think that the only real solution is contact lenses.
	Can you believe it, a US$2.8K camera requires that you
	have good vision or be fitted with contacts (if you want
	to use wide-angle lenses)?

	Best wishes,

	-- Wolfgang
    Wolfgang Sachse                             Cornell University

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