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Subject: Re: 35/f1.4 Summilux as travel lens...
From: Wolfgang Sachse <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 11:34:39 -0500 (EST)

> I've been using the original collapsible 50mm Elmar ...

> I picked it up last year as a travel lens, for use when all that will fit in
> my briefcase is an M6 and one lens. Since I got it I've made 3 trips to Asia
> and done a lot of enjoyable photography with it, but if I'm to only travel
> with one lens, 50mm unfortunately isn't it....
> So, I recently traded it in for a 35mm Summilux....

	Hi Michael -

	I am in exactly the same position as you, although I never
	owned the 50/f2.8. I rarely use that focal length with my
	other camera and so I just never bought it. The Summilux
	on the M6 is wonderful. And if you also take a mini-tripod
	it's VERY useful - at least for the photography that I do.

	'Hope that you enjoy this combination also.

	Useful Hints: You've got to have a lens cap on that
		Summilux to protect it! I've already lost one
		and had to replace it. I bought two new ones
		just to have a spare. Also, be careful with
		the lens hood. To keep it from getting bent
		and/or scratched, I usually pack it separately
		in a soft pouch (such as an old sock).

	-- Wolfgang
    Wolfgang Sachse                             Cornell University

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