Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/02/27

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To: leica-users <>
Subject: M6 Suggestion Box: Results
From: Adrian Tanovic <>
Date: 28 Feb 96 15:26:39

Thanks to all who responded.  Here is a compilation of the suggestions for 
improvements to the M6, roughly in order of frequency.  Please do forgive me if 
I haven't paraphrased your suggestion properly, or, worse, have inadvertently 
overlooked it.

1) Incorporate some kind of TTL flash metering  (Ken, Bill, Roger, Michael, 

2) Incorporate a spot meter (possibly as a switchable alternative to the 
current)  (Robert, Edi, Michael)

3) Make the viewfinder more friendly for people with eyeglasses  (Alberto, 
Wolfgang, Adrian)

4) Replace or augment the LEDs by something indicating the deviation (in stops) 
from the proper exposure  (Edi, Gary for; Alberto against)

5) Faster shutter speeds (but not necessarily at the expense of the silent 
cloth curtain)   (Edi, Gary, Jean-Philippe)

6) A higher sync speed (possibly as an switchable alternative to the current)  
(Hubert, Jean-Philippe)

7) Adjustable diopter eyepiece  (Michael, Gary)

8) Information in the viewfinder about the area being metered  (Adrian; support 
from Edi)

9) Increase the operating range of the current light meter  (Wolfgang)

10) Improve the visibility of the double-image under difficult lighting 
conditions  (Robert)

11) Permit half-speed stops  (Jean-Philippe)

12) Equip the M6 with the same baseplate used on the M4 series so Leica 
cassettes can be used  (Ken)

13) F-stop and aperture info in the window  (Roger for; Hubert against if it 
means redesigning the lenses)

14) Shutter speed info in the window  (Hubert)

15) Zoom viewfinder, 21mm to 135mm  (Michael)

16) Offer versions of the camera with M4 as well as M6 windows  (Gary)

17) Do away with the flapping back panel; move the film speed dial if 
necessary  (Wolfgang)

18) Include a self timer  (Chris)

19) An M5-style shutter-speed selection feature with protruding selection 
wheel  (Chris)

20) Mamiya-7 style viewfinder, without the 28,75, and 135 frame-lines  (Chris)

21) Aperture-priority autoexposure mode  (Chris)

22) Laser or passive infrared rangefinder +  in-viewfinder focus indicator  

23) An on/off switch for the meter (other than the shutter release button), 
perhaps Nikon FM2-style  (Chuck)

24) Redesign the rewind crank  (Adrian for; Robert happy with current design)

25) Make it possible to use the light meter without first advancing the film 
(paint on another spot?) (Adrian)

26) "Keep the quality but reduce the price by 50%" (Godfrey, Alberto, Wolfgang)

And, in addition to the above "dos" there were a few "don'ts":

* Don't include a built-in flash (Chris)

* Don't change the lens mount (Wolfgang)

* Keep it mechanical and keep it simple (Gary)

Well, as you can see, the majority of the suggestions deal in one way or 
another with the meter; with the next largest group concerned with the 
viewfinder.  I think I'm safe in saying there is not widespread sentiment to 
tinker radically with the M design, but that there is room for improvement.  
We'll see what this year's Photokina brings.  (Or should I simply forward this 
list to Leica Gmbh?)

Best Regards,

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