Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/02/25

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To: Jack Hamilton <Jack.Hamilton@internetMCI.COM>
Subject: Re: Leica...of the future...
From: (C.M. Fortunko)
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 18:50:54 -0700


The Minilux is a Leica response to the Contax G1. It is not a true Leica and
certainly not a descendant of the CL. 

The CL was a revolutionary concept and had many good features, including
small size and a great viewfinder. I also could use many Leica lenses.

The Minilux appears to be an also-run.

I think that a successor to the M6 must have all of the M6 features: depth
of focus scales on the lenses and should be a manual camera first. Some
automation would be welcome for those rare occasions.

In fact, I am proud of being able to operate a manual camera. I am an
amateur and have plenty of time. If I were a press photographer, I would
probably want a different camera system.

I hope that Leica will not follow Contax. Somehow, I believe that the spirit
that was behind Leica for many decades cannot and should not be transferred
to another country.

A copy of a Rembrandt is not a Rembrandt. Not every cubist was Picasso.

Many regards,

>-- [ From: Jack Hamilton * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --
>I have been watching this thread develop for the past couple of weeks...and
>so I have an idea or two...and a forecast to throw into the "ring."
>I think that "prototype" of the Leica of the future has come onto the
>market...and it's termed "Leica Mini-lux."
>Now I'm not talking about their $200-300 plastic "toys" that Leica refers
>to as "Mini."
>Rather, I'm talking about their titanium $1000 competitor to the lesser
>"Contax." It features an excellent "electronic" rangefinder focus
> a view-finder system that even us bi-focaled middle-agers can
>easily use.  And its 40mm f2.4 lens is no "slouch" and is every bit a Leica
>lens as there ever was.
>So, I think that you folks will happily find the Black Forest Gremlins
>coming out with the "Leica CL2"...which will be a "deluxe" mini-lux with
>interchangeable lenses.
>These gremlins have mastered the art of designing and using German glass
>and lens coatings and then supervising them being put into Japanese 
>(Panasonic) built bodies.
>And it's a marriage that I don't think will end up in divorce court soon.
>Sorry, but I don't think that Black Forest Gremlins will do away with the
>classic "M" cameras...or drastically change them. For what they were
>designed to do, they are still "world-class!"
>I think that Leica was testing the waters with the "Mini-Lux" and you will
>soon probably see the version of it with interchangeable lenses...and a
>price tag competitive with the Contax G series.
>...AND SO...
>Enter the Leica CL2...
>Jack Hamilton
>Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Pax et Lux,             

Chris Fortunko, Boulder, CO
home phone: (303)-494-7246
home e-mail: