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Subject: Re: Elmar-C 90mm/f4
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 09:35:00 -0800

        For a long time I had an M3, M6, Leitz CL and Leitz/minolta CL with 
     the following lenses:  40 Summicron-C, 90 Elmar-C, 28 M-Rokkor, 50 DR 
     Summicron and 90 Tele-Elmarit.  I started out with the CLs and then 
     supplemented the M bodies next.  I found that the focus with the 
     Summicron-C, Elmar-C were off due to the different cam that wide open 
     shooting resulted in unsharp images on the plane that I wanted in 
     focus.  The cams of these two lenses were steep enough to be a problem 
     in focusing with M cameras.  So I purchased the faster 50 DR Summicron 
     and the Tele-Elmarit to meet my needs.  When I sold my CLs a few years 
     back, I sold the Summicron-C and Elmar-C with them.  With the 28 
     M-Rokkor, the focusing cam is not so steep that it is usable with the 
     Ms to some degree of success.
        A funny thing that was recommended to one of my good friends by a 
     Leitz Representative back in 1985 might be of interest.  My friend had 
     a complete CL outfit and had recently purchased an M6.  But he ran 
     into the same plane of focus problem that I had.  So he went to the 
     rep, we both worked in the same camera store, and asked what he could 
     do to correct the problem.  The rep said that the Summicron-C and 
     Elmar-C could work with the right M6 body.  Depending on the 
     adjustment, the M6 rangefinder could be used with these steep cam 
     cameras while using different M lenses as well.  But it would involve 
     purchasing different M6 bodies to test the lenses.  Since the M6 
     rangefinder is welded in adjustment vs. the screw adjustment on the M4 
     and earlier, this would be an expensive option.  The rep also said 
     that if you adjusted an earlier M body to accept the steep cam lenses, 
     the use of regular M lenses would be compromised.  My friend sold the 
     CL and the C lenses.

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Subject: Elmar-C 90mm/f4
Author: at @UCSD
Date:    16/02/1996 7:23 AM

Dear Leica funs,
I have a question about Elmar - C 90mm/f4 lens.
The lens was designed to accommodate with CL. Does it work with other M 
cameras? The Leica pocket book said it did, but other literature said it 
could physically fit but rangefinder cam would be  slightly off for other M 
cameras. It means it can not focus accurately.
If you have an experience to use a CL lens with M cameras, please give me 
your thoughts.
Soichi Tsunoda (
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>Subject:  Elmar-C 90mm/f4