Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/02/14

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To: Robert Silvers <>
Subject: Re: to UV filter or not
From: Adrian Tanovic <>
Date: 15 Feb 96 15:14:22
Cc: Albert Yeh <>, Jean-Philippe Guilbaud<>, leica-users <>

rsilvers @ (Robert Silvers) wrote:
>One sample point does not mean that Wetzlar is better than Canada. Almost 
>that has been to both areas says the Canadian plant was a much nicer and more
>modern plant.

As far as I know we should still be using the present tense.  Last time I was 
(this past summer) the Midland plant was still in operation, not making camera 
bodies any longer but still making some M-lenses (e.g. 90/2.0) and 
optics.  As far as general quality goes, I don't have the luxury of owning two 
of the same lens to compare;  but am I right in saying one of Leitz's cheif 
designers, Dr. Walter Mandler (who did the Noctilux 1.0 design, among others) 
was resident in Midland for some years in the late 1950's and 60's?

By the way, Midland is a charming little lakeside town; if you're headed north
from Toronto anyway, it's "worth a detour", as Michelin says.

Adrian Tanovic
GRFP Tokyo