Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/01/10

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To: Edi Weitz <>,
Subject: Re: Lever on 35mm Summicron
From: (Charles E. Albertson)
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 19:24:02 -0800

At 05:45 PM 1/9/96 +0100, Edi Weitz wrote:
>I consider buying a 35mm Summicron for my Leica M4-P. I would love to have
>one that has the little lever at the bottom that is used to focus the lens.
>My questions are:
>1. Do all 35mm Summicrons have this lever? (My 50mm Summicron hasn't
>although I've seen many new 50mm lenses that have one.)
>2. If there are 35mm Summicrons without this lever - what are the
>differences in price (and perhaps performance)? (I want to _use_ it -
>therefore I don't need a "mint" one.)
>Thank you in advance for your help.
>Bye, Edi.

     I think all recent 35mm Summicrons have a focusing tab, though the
designs tend to differ depending on when they were made. The one on my
1980-circa lens has sort of a saw-tooth pattern on the end of it, while more
recent lenses have one with a sort of crescent cut into the end.

Chuck Albertson
Seattle, Wash.