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Subject: Re: Slide Film
From: (Fred N. Ward)
Date: 15 Nov 1995 00:25:57 GMT
Organization: digitalNATION

Richard, I will give you a highly personal opinion of the film situation
today.  I use a great deal, and most of it is 35mm slide film. My work is for
reproduction.... in books and magazines, so that is a serious concern. It is
not for projection or for squirreling away and admiring once a decade.  I
make pictures for a living, so I am concerned about quality, stability,
repeatability, etc. 
I quit using Kodachrome 64 years ago.  It is too contrasty, the processing is
eratic, and the color from Kodak is inconsistent. I like the resolution, but
can't stand the other problems. It, and Kodachrome 25, which has superior
grain and resolution, both last longer than any other films on earth. 
I used Fuji 100 and Velvia for the last 3-4 years I photographed for National
Geographic and was pleased with the results. The slides are doing well in
reproductions.  As an E-6 process, you get the usual E-6 look and
longevity... or lack of it.  The film lasts longer than color negative, but
not as long as Kodachromes.
I am now using Kodak Ektachrome Professional. Much of my work is with gems,
where accurate color is essential... and I have found nothing else in the
world as neutral in color as this film. Whites are white and pastels are
right. Even green, the toughest color to get right, looks good. 
And there you have it. 

Fred Ward

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