Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/11/10

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To: (Marc James Small),
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 95 09:54:34 EST

>        Third, you don't NEED the bloody things on either the Leicaflex
>series of cameras or on the MR/MR-4 meters, as these have compensated
>circuitry.  Get a silver-oxide PX76 cell, bush it to fit with some paper or
>plastic (it's a bit smaller than is the 625) and your in business.  These
>items WILL easily accomodate the 1.5v current of the 76. I know:  I've done
>it, and the metering was still within 1/6 stop or so. 

There is an Alkline version of the 625, the PX625A, that has the exact same
dimension as the mercury 625.  However, my impression was that the MR-4
meter would not work correctly with 1.5V. I called Leica in New Jersey and
they told me that they can re-calibrate the meter for 1.5V. If it's only
off by 1/6 stop as you tested, then I could care less.