Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/11/08

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From: (Marc James Small)
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 1995 07:20:45 -0500

        First, the Wein cells are widely available and any camera store can
order them.  They provide the identical 1.35v current, though the rate of
current drop is a tad different that with the original batteries.

        Second, there is no current shortage of the older PX 625 batteries
and these are widely available.  The manufacturers were convinced to quit
their manufacture in this country, but they are still widely available, as
many camera stores stocked up on them in some volume, and they have an
excellent shelf life.  These batteries are still in production in Europe and
Asia and are available if you are there, though they probably are not
suitable for mail delivery, as the more fascist of the states have outlawed
such means of delivery.

        Third, you don't NEED the bloody things on either the Leicaflex
series of cameras or on the MR/MR-4 meters, as these have compensated
circuitry.  Get a silver-oxide PX76 cell, bush it to fit with some paper or
plastic (it's a bit smaller than is the 625) and your in business.  These
items WILL easily accomodate the 1.5v current of the 76.  I know:  I've done
it, and the metering was still within 1/6 stop or so.  I cannot speak for
the Japanese-manufactured CL/CLE or for the Japanese-derived R cameras, as
most Japanese gear lacks the compensating circuits necessary to accomodate
the different voltage and current drop rates of the 76.

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