Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/11/03

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To: Leica List <>
Subject: Re: Summaron 3.5/3.5cm vignetting!!
From: Eric Welch <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 09:49:54 PST

** Reply to note from Roy Z. <> 11/02/95 10:02pm -0500 
> Re the vignetting, the only time I've seen this on a Leica lens is with   
> an incorrect lens hood attached.  Could this be your problem? 
In fact, it often happens somewhat with many lenses, Leica and not. For   
example, the 400 6.8 vignette's a bit wide open when you shoot an even sky   
or a brick wall or something. (Why people photograph brick walls is beyond   
me <G>.) The very high speed lenses do it wide open. It has to do with   
other corrections that are more important. Slight vignetting in low light   
isn't usually a problem anyway, and can be corrected easily in printing, so   
it's not a real problem. So I suspect your problem must be an improper lens   
hood. It's just that Leica is the only camera company that tells it's users   
the "weaknesses" or better, character of their lenses. The others don't   
mention such things. 
In practice, one rarely notices the vignetting anyway. On my 35mm Summilux   
R I only noticed it in even backgrounds, and when I underexposed a   
situation badly, and the lens was wide open. Even then, it wasn't too bad.

Eric Welch 
Grants Pass, OR