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Subject: Re: Summicron 35mm
From: Cheng-Lee Nee <>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 09:57:57 -0800

Thanks to everybody who replied to my request. I am conviced that there
is no quality differences between the Canadian and the German lenses.
I'll just go shopping for one and go happy shooting. 

Sorry to those who think I had started a silly Canadian vs German war :-).


> ** Reply to note from Jorg Nolte <> 11/01/95 10:44am +0900
> >  
> > With respect to quality control of former Leitz-Canada,  
> > the canadian lenses had to pass the rigid german control procedures, I think.  
> > Therfore I do not believe, they 
> > are generally worse than the lenses manufactured in Germany 
> > (this may hold also for the stuff produced in Portugal). 
> > The only thing I could imagine, that early production could 
> > have been a little less good, but still good enough.
> Leica used to have a campaign that said: "Leica means precision, world-wide."  
> The point being that their quality control was the same, regardless of whether  
> it was Germany, Canada, Portugal or Japan. All the equipment had to go through  
> QC in Germany before it was sold. This is a very old argument, and has been  
> disproven years ago.
> Regards,
> Eric Welch
> Grants Pass, OR

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