Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/10/31

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Subject: Summicron 35mm
From: Jorg Nolte <>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 10:44:14 +0900

<Thanks for the reply. I am looking for a lens to use, not to collect. 
<However, I am confused about various information I got. Some said 
<lenses made in Germany is better, some said only old Summicron-M were 
<made in Germany, some said there is no Leitz Canada anymore, and yet, 
<I am seeing "Made in Canada" engraved on the lenses on Leica's own 
<brochure (printed in 92, I think) ...

<I wanted to make sure that I know what I am getting before spending 
<near 1k to buy even an used Leica lens. I would appreciate any help
<to clarify this. Thanks.
The current version of the lens is made in Germany.
To get more information about Leica, look at

There's a description of the various Leica-groups, but no description
of their photographic equipment.
Due to the info provided there, Leitz-canada ceised to exist.
Furthermore, as you may have noted, that "Leitz" became 
"Leica" (which literally meant "Leitz-Camera") some 10 years ago.
Leitz (originally located in Wetzlar) sold their camera-devision
to the swiss Wild konglomerate, 
also very strong in the optics field (Microscopes, I guess).
Therfore "Leitz" (Wetzlar) became "Leica Camera GMBH" (Solms, near Wetzlar).
They have chosen the name Leica for the new company 
(operated by the old manufacturing staff and their experience),
because this brand was the most famous of all of the former Leitz products.

With respect to quality control of former Leitz-Canada, 
the canadian lenses had to pass the rigid german control procedures, I think. 
Therfore I do not believe, they
are generally worse than the lenses manufactured in Germany
(this may hold also for the stuff produced in Portugal).
The only thing I could imagine, that early production could
have been a little less good, but still good enough.

I must admit, I have no personal experience with lenses
made in Canada, but I own an old Leitz-binocular produced in Portugal,
which is perfectly ok.
I own the 35mm Summicron produced in Germany bei Leica-camera GMBH,
which is superb.

Hope that helps a bit to clear the confusion,