Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/10/09

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Subject: Re: Leicameters & M3
From: Brian Reid <>
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 95 00:35:42 PDT

> If all else fails, does anyone know of a decent light meter small enough to
> fit in my jeans pocket,

I use a Minox meter with all of my Leicas.

It's wonderful. It's tiny, it's very very rugged, and it's photovoltaic
(so it doesn't need a battery). Granted, it doesn't work well in very
dim light, but neither do I. 

The Minox meter is calibrated for films up to ISO 80; I shoot mostly
ISO 100 and 400 films. I just do the adjustment in my head.

I have no idea where to get such meters any more; I bought it 30 years
ago and I treasure it.

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