Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/10/05

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Subject: Leicameters & M3
From: (Michael L.)
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995 22:39:33 -0700

I have a question about using the various Leicameters with an M3:  I have a
sort-of-working Leicameter MC which I've used with decent results, but it's
not a great meter, particularly in lower light situations.  I like having a
coupled meter in the accessory shoe, however, and I'm looking into getting
an MR or MR4 meter.

I've been told that the Leicameter MR and MR4s will only  work with certain
M3s-- is that true?  And if so, will they work with mine?  My M3's serial
number is 1023 461 (it's a single stroke, apparently made in 1961).

I also understand that the batteries for the MR and MR4 are no longer made;
does the Wein Cell work with these meters, and if so, are there any
problems with the battery's life?  For that matter, can the meter be
calibrated to work with the non-mercury version of this battery?

Assuming that I can couple these meters to my M3, and assuming I can use a
Wein cell battery, does anyone know where I could get an MR or MR4
repaired?  One of my local dealers has an MR4 meter for $75, but he can't
vouch for how well it works (cosmetically, it seems ok).  For that matter,
perhaps there's a meter repairman somewhere who can magically make my
Leicameter MC work better.

If all else fails, does anyone know of a decent light meter small enough to
fit in my jeans pocket, or, better yet, to fit on the accessory shoe of my

Thanks in advance for your help,

Michael Lehmann

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