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Subject: Fwd: Re: baby Leica?
From: Brian Reid <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 95 09:25:57 PDT

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From: Jan Wysocki <>
Subject: Re: baby Leica?...
Date: Tue, 30 May 95 18:20:58 BST
In-Reply-To: <950525011335_75442.1557_FHQ46-1@CompuServe.COM>; from "Jack Hamilton" at May 24, 95 9:13 pm
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Jack Hamilton wrote:
>There is a rumor out that Leica will be introducing a new "pocket" type 35mm
>camera, designed to compete (and even be better) than the Nikon "T"---it will
>feature, so I'm told a 40mm f2.8 elmarit lens, have AF, p+S metering, plus full
>manual controls if wanted. List price is to be around $1000.
>Can anyone confirm or deny this?

No, but I sincerely hope that they set their sights higher and compete
with the interchangable lens Contax G1, rather than the Nikons (fancy
having to buy 2 pocket cameras to get 2 focal lengths:) 

(Note that I don't consider a Contax G1 to be a serious contender
either, I'd rather have the weight of an M6, than put up with the
compromises of a G1.  Of course, this is spoken by someone who's not yet
saved up for an M6, but instead still finds the IIIF and M2 that he
bought 30 years ago to be quite usable.  Howeever, I am saving up for an
M6, because I can't understand why none of the serious meter
manufacturers takes miniaturisation seriously.)

The only experience I have with autofocus is with an Olympus Mju.  I got
so fed up with the delay between pressing the release and the shutter
opening that I've gone back to an Olympus XA when I want a really
lightweight and compact camera.  I don't like my Pentax SLR for much the
same reasons (although, I keep it for use with a 200mm lens)

When I take a picture I don't want to have to make allowances for the
delay in shutter opening.  I wish I'd realised what was going on 15
years ago, so I wouldn't now have so many pictures of my baby daughter
with her eyes shut.

Jan Wysocki,
The Computer Film Company.

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